The Ultimate Guide to the Best Small Center Console Boats Below 20 Feet

Center Console boats are a top pick for many owing to their versatility, style, and size options. Although larger boats offer spaciousness and superior maneuverability, smaller boats are more practical for certain needs such as highway trailer transport and freshwater navigation. Here’s a look at some of the top small center console boats under 20 feet.

1. Nautic Star 20 XS

The Nautic Star 20 XS is a deep Vee design vessel known for its stability and maneuverability. This model is perfectly suited for sportsmen and anglers.


1.1 Key Features

  • High wall hull design
  • Two-person bench in the center console
  • Enhanced lid catchers with roller catchers
  • Upgraded LED Courtesy lights

The Nautic Star is powered by a Yamaha outboard motor. Typically, the price starts around $34k, but it can increase depending on the package and configuration options selected.

2. Pioneer 202 Islander

Built for dual purposes, the Pioneer 202 Islander is a fishing boat as well as a family cruiser.

2.1 Key Features

  • Full seat on the transom
  • Wrap-around bolsters
  • Step-down porta-potty under the console
  • Bow area suitable for casting deck or extra seating

Although the boat can handle up to 175 HP, it’s recommended to use a 135 to 150 outboard motor for optimal navigation and stability.

3. Release 2018 RX 208

The Release 2018 RX 208 features a Yamaha 4 stroke outboard. This model offers various engine configurations, making it a versatile option for boaters.

3.1 Key Features

  • Various engine options (115, 150, 275 or 200 F)
  • Bow cushions
  • Dual seat captain’s chair
  • Transom seating
  • Head compartment console with a dome light
  • Yamaha controls
  • Plexiglas windshield

Optional upgrades like a gel coat hull, bow backrest bolsters, LED lighting, and speaker system integration are also available.

4. Robalo 200 Explorer

Robalo, celebrating its 50th year, brings the 202 Explorer to its line-up. This boat is designed for family fun and easy trailering.

4.1 Key Features

  • Bow wrapped seating
  • Front-facing seat from the center console
  • Transom seating
  • Angled ladder away from the outboard for increased safety
  • The Robalo can handle a maximum HP of 200.

5. Learn More

Additional details about these models can be found at Vessel Vendor’s boat review pages. Here, you’ll find crucial information like LOA, BEAM, and more. Also, you can learn more about the manufacturers of these center console boats at our manufacturer review page.

6. Purchasing or Listing a Center Console Boat

Vessel Vendor specializes in pre-owned boat and yacht listings and sales from boat enthusiasts, dealerships, and top brands. Potential buyers can search for boats based on location, model, year, size, and other filters. Listers can easily reach potential buyers interested in center console boats for sale using our intuitive platform.

7. Conclusion

Choosing the best center console boat under 20 feet depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re an angler, a sportsman, or a family person, there’s a boat out there that’s just right for you.